Richard Gradwohl passed away very suddenly on August 24, 2011

A word about the founder of International Miniature Cattle Breeders Society and Registry. To read full article on original site please view HERE

Professor Gradwohl was an entrepreneur, educator, financial advisor, and miniature cattle breeder and owner. He held several degrees including a Masters of Business Administration. He also held the title of "Tenured Full Professor". He authored and published many business management articles. His style of writing was down to earth and easy to understand. He and his wife Arlene have together started, owned and operated a total of sixteen successful businesses. Having been a college professor for 34 years he was titled Professor Emeritus. His areas of teaching expertise were as a Professor of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Salesmanship and Personal Finance. He retired in 1994 and devoted his full time to the raising, breeding and development of new breeds of miniature cattle. 

Some thirty-five years ago Professor Gradwohl started raising and breeding cattle in the Seattle, Washington USA area. As Seattle grew the taxes on his farm began going higher and higher. The farm was in the path of developments. It got to the point the farm did not justify the taxes. As he sold off parcels of land he became more interested in the application of smaller breeds of cattle to small farms. Twenty years ago he started with Miniature Dexter cattle, Miniature Hereford cattle and Miniature Angus. He also became quite interested in Miniature and Mid Size Highland cattle and smaller Belted Galloway and Dutch Belt animals. From this base he developed a total of eighteen completely new breeds of miniature cattle including the Kentshire®, Kingshire™, Covingtonshire™, Happy Mountain®, American Beltie™, Grad-Wohl™, Barbee™, and Panda™ Miniature Cattle among several others. His background as a Professor of Marketing and Researcher has served the miniature cattle industry well. 

In 1989 Professor Gradwohl founded the International Miniature Cattle Breeders Society and Registry. The Society now registers a total of twenty-six breeds of miniature cattle worldwide. Breeding and nutritional research is conducted at the Miniature Cattle Research Facility at Happy Mountain® Miniature Cattle Farm in Covington, Washington USA. Together with his wife Arlene he owned and operated Happy Mountain® Miniature Cattle Farm and the Miniature Cattle Research Facility for breeding and nutritional research. 

His family will carry on his legacy and will continue his great adventure.